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oh travel...

Flight from China was nice. I must highly recommend Finnair. Good food, nice planes, very polite, lovely staff, lots of coffee and tea...

Helsinki airport is a great place to transit. It's clean, comfy, has lots of lounge chairs and outlets. I was so worn from my Kunming-Beijing sojourn that I couldn't be bothered to leave the airport. (too cheap to spend the 20 euros on a hostel and then 12 euros on transit). The kind gentleman cleaning the airport gave me a blanket and I slept surprisingly well, considering it was an airport bench and they don't turn the lights off. The light makes it harder to sleep than anything, really. I can totally rock the bench sleeping.

Had lots of coffee, some Finnish pastries and berries and milk (which was really good or China milk was so bad I had forgotten...). Wrote fic, binge-watched half of season one of OUaT.

Flew to Heathrow, with two lovely women in my row with me who chatted quite pleasantly most of the way. One from NZ and one Finn, both elderly, living in London now. Great company.

Now I'm holed up in Pret-a-Manger (which I love, truly) at St. Pancras, waiting for my train and shamelessly using the free wifi. It's an overnight to Glasgow so I can work at Glasgow Collectormania (and the Borg Queen is coming and how I adore her!) so exciting.

I have no idea if I have any flisters who are into it, but if anyone would be willing to have a chat (email, message, tumblr ask...) with me about my fic (it's 100k of Emma/Regina and the Charmings in mythical China, fighting monsters and trying to get along, with Ariel and Ursula, for fun). I don't need you to read it. (it's long). I'm just used to having someone to talk to because sometimes my ideas don't work in my head until I've discussed them.

I put Neverland somewhere in the FTL pacific ocean, so after they rescued Henry, they landed in mythical China on a pirate ship, which was REALLY fun. I got to play with translation spells and Chinese mythology, creatures and markets. Loved it. Emma and Regina are adorable, they have so many issues to work through, but they're both so passionate, good fun. And if you write them you get to write magic and...whee...magic is incredible. There's also canon child abuse, which is weird to approach as backstory because it's something I'm still working on in therapy. Lots of people have marital rape in their Regina head-canon, which makes her relationship with Graham make more sense (whoever's in control dictates the sex)

(Different than writing Trek characters because Trek characters are so much more level-headed.)

Anyway, I have Emma and Regina head over heels for each other, now home after being awesome magical badasses and beating down the lovecraftian monstrosity I threw at them. I had Snow White crowned queen and she's pulled a Roslin and pardoned everyone for past actions so they can start anew.

Emma and Regina's relationship is still secret (Snow and Charming know and are supportive because I love Snow and Regina's relationship mending...such a sucker for that). But how do they come out with it? I suppose they could stay secret for awhile.

I have two ideas. One: Snow announces Emma is being betrothed to a sorceress of Qin because Emma's magic is stronger in a team and she is publicly married to Regina (in a traditional Chinese wedding dress, with her face obscured until the end of the ceremony). Depending on how obvious Emma and Regina have been, there may or may not be grumbling about Emma being forced to marry someone she doesn't love for the good of kingdom, and Snow being too overbearing.

Which means Regina and Emma have to be seen together, being kind of cute and probably magically helpful in the kingdom reconstructing. I like this idea because it proves Snow's not an unreasonable leader because she wants people to question her and it means people will see how much Emma and Regina love each other.

The other idea is leaving it open ended and Emma and Regina's relationship remains kind of unspoken until the sequel. Less flashy.

Also, because it's me and it seems whenever I enter a new fandom, I have to write an epic preg fic (I have done this four times now...) Regina's magically pregnant. Fpreg is great fun to write and I think she's adorable.

This fic just makes me happy. It's such jellyfish fic and I'm having so much fun but ahhhh I don't know how to end it.

Decided after spending much time by myself that I am an introvert. I like people, I do, but I so need my alone time by the end of the day.

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