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and who is the Oparu?

Lately I'm a nomad and a writer of jellyfish fic.

The best place to find my fic is here in all it's jellyfish glory on an archive of our own - Oparu

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Friend away. If you want me to add you back, let me know. (I'm not adding automatically to save people from posts they may not be interested in. If we've been friends and it's not working anymore, I wish you well. If you let me know, I'll take you off.
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Yuletide treasure!!!

happy Xmas!!

my yulegoat wrote me crossover The Good Wife/Star Trek: TNG fic with EVERYONE I love and adore in AND pon farr, femslash, fpreg, Lwaxana Troi, it is so so so very good.

Mingled (10538 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Good Wife (TV), Star Trek: The Next Generation
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alicia Florrick/Kalinda Sharma
Characters: Alicia Florrick, Kalinda Sharma, Diane Lockhart, Peter Florrick, Eli Gold, Maddie Hayward, Elsbeth Tascioni, Veronica Loy, Lwaxana Troi, Beverly Crusher, Grace Florrick, Zach Florrick
Additional Tags: First Time, Fpreg, Pon Farr, Crossover, Time Travel, Vulcan, Telepathy, Femslash, Betazoid, Mind Meld, Alternate Universe, Yuletide 2013

When pon farr strikes Alicia Florrick, who will be her bonded mate?

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dear Femslashex writer!

Dear writer,

Apologies for getting this up so late. I hadn't realised how much time had passed. If you haven't started yet, or this can help you at all, great! If you're already done, have your idea, I'm sure I'll love it. I'm very excited to be receiving a story, I love exchanges and I know it'll be fantastic.

I love the glorious, magical insanity of Once Upon a Time. I don't mind things not making sense, or the terrible canon writing because the fanfic is so good. I love Emma/Regina (especially when they're happy) and Aurora/Mulan (when they're kingdom building and fantastic, I'm down with threesomes with Phillip too, if those interest you). I've never read Belle/Cora but it fascinates me the way Belle is with 'monsters'. Cora fascinates me quite a bit. Belle/Ruby is good fun. Regina/Snow is mysterious and I love AUs where they could have saved each other/worked together or tragic ones where Regina teaches Snow about sex and love.

True Blood has stellar, sarcastic, brilliant vampire women. Whatever pairing pleases you and however you want to write it is wonderful. I love the show, love all the lady!vamps and have a weakness for them deciding to build a family with what they have.

Merida/Mulan intrigues me because I see Mulan as a woman who would absolutely impress Merida, and the culture clash would be fascinating. Aurora/Maleficent fascinates me because of the power games and epic strangeness of Maleficent. I think Merida/Rapunzel would be adorable (all the fantastic hair!), Belle/Megara is a good mix of sarcasm and sincerity. Mulan in the modern era and Jane sounds incredible, as does Jane in the past. Cinderella and Snow White seems pretty and fascinating. Maybe they could be runaway bandits or glimmering queens together.

I have a thing for magical fem!preg means. (I will love anything you write, truly for you are fantastic. I'm just putting this out there if it would interest you. I know not everyone likes pregfic, and if you happen to, great! If not, also great!)

Thank you, dear writer. Apologies again for the lateness of me completing this. Can't wait to see what you write!

- Oparu

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fic: Light My Way Home | M | Once Upon a Time | Emma Swan/Regina Mills

Fastest long fic I've ever written. Way fun.

Light My Way Home (118276 words) by Oparu
Chapters: 16/16
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV), The Little Mermaid (1989)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Emma Swan, Prince "Charming" James | David Nolan/Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard
Characters: Emma Swan, Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard, Prince "Charming" James | David Nolan, Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Ursula | Vanessa (The Little Mermaid)
Additional Tags: Magical Accidents, Magic Made Them Do It, Pregnancy, Magical Pregnancy, Fpreg
Series: Part 1 of Above the Shadowed Sea

Emma, Regina and the intrepid crew of the Jolly Roger set out to save Henry from Neverland. Regina's drained her magic so low she needs a transfusion from the saviour, Gold's plan to sneak past the Lost Boys is a bit fishy and Emma does things with magic she didn't think she could do.

Mermaids, magic and a long journey by sea, follow.

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oh travel...

Flight from China was nice. I must highly recommend Finnair. Good food, nice planes, very polite, lovely staff, lots of coffee and tea...

Helsinki airport is a great place to transit. It's clean, comfy, has lots of lounge chairs and outlets. I was so worn from my Kunming-Beijing sojourn that I couldn't be bothered to leave the airport. (too cheap to spend the 20 euros on a hostel and then 12 euros on transit). The kind gentleman cleaning the airport gave me a blanket and I slept surprisingly well, considering it was an airport bench and they don't turn the lights off. The light makes it harder to sleep than anything, really. I can totally rock the bench sleeping.

Had lots of coffee, some Finnish pastries and berries and milk (which was really good or China milk was so bad I had forgotten...). Wrote fic, binge-watched half of season one of OUaT.

Flew to Heathrow, with two lovely women in my row with me who chatted quite pleasantly most of the way. One from NZ and one Finn, both elderly, living in London now. Great company.

Now I'm holed up in Pret-a-Manger (which I love, truly) at St. Pancras, waiting for my train and shamelessly using the free wifi. It's an overnight to Glasgow so I can work at Glasgow Collectormania (and the Borg Queen is coming and how I adore her!) so exciting.

I have no idea if I have any flisters who are into it, but if anyone would be willing to have a chat (email, message, tumblr ask...) with me about my fic (it's 100k of Emma/Regina and the Charmings in mythical China, fighting monsters and trying to get along, with Ariel and Ursula, for fun). I don't need you to read it. (it's long). I'm just used to having someone to talk to because sometimes my ideas don't work in my head until I've discussed them.

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Decided after spending much time by myself that I am an introvert. I like people, I do, but I so need my alone time by the end of the day.

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What do I want from femslash? I want partners.

[personal profile] havocthecat wrote this great post: What do I want from femslash? I'm in it for the characterisation..

I've read that, and thought about how brilliantly she wrote about what she liked and wanted to do my own because I so rarely think about why I like the things I like. I know there's a specific type of fic that draws me in like nothing else and as I grow more comfortable with femslash being my favourite (I like het the way I like meat in my diet, a rare treat: wonderfully prepared).

I want women to be in love. Skip aheads to committed relationships are some of my favourite femslash. I like curtain fic, pregnancy fic, baby fic, kid fic, fic where they go to parent teacher conferences and kid one's been burning things in magic class and kid two just wants to play kickball all the damn time. I like huge expansive world building fic where you have to fight dragons on your way out to buy curtains. (this may actually be my favourite type of fic). The world shapes you. Makes you who you are and who you are in a relationship is you, but it's a different you.

I like who women are when they're in love. Not that they're not them, but it's a facet of their personality that speaks to me. It's not my life. I am not, nor have I been in love. I have no children. (I have some adorable cats.) It's the part of life I don't have, that I haven't experienced, that fascinates me so. What is it like to wake up next to the same person every day? Does she love her partner's hair when it's messed up? Does one of them snore? Does she forget to wash the dragon blood off her armour when she gets home late?

Domestic world building. Is this a thing? It's the little pieces that make a world. The way no one drinks coffee because it hasn't been discovered yet or the way the trees smell. Little pieces make worlds feel real to me. (thanks [personal profile] lanna_kitty). I like falling into a world, even if its simply a magical one, or one where the holodeck is your standard first date. This works for all kinds of couples, but there's a worldly flavour of femslash that's my favourite.

Two of them against the world, or saving the world, making the world better: I like when they're united against the odds. I like when their abilities mesh so together they're a little bit better and dealing with whatever they have to deal with.

Women who fall in love are my weakness. It's the state of being in love, where they're just a little bit more than themselves. The impact a person has on those in her life is what fascinates me. The little courtesies like bringing each other coffee in the morning. My life has always been so individual. What I want from fic is the sharing. Crawling into bed next to each other, watching the birds outside of the window. When women are talking or not talking, sometimes simply being together in the same space: that's what fascinates me.

The permutations of that and how things grow together between two women are what draw me in. I'm not a stickler for canon, or certain interpretations of the characters. I think every writer makes a world unique, complete with the characters as that writer chooses to construct them, and there are some who just pull me in like gravity. Some stories have so much passion, such rich and complex emotions that I sit back from them and know that this is humanity, spread naked on the page.

It fascinates me so because there are levels of what I don't know in myself and don't know in others that are there and I feel like I get it, in a way I never do on my own. Perhaps it relates to the way I process emotions (a little off), but something about women's emotions as it relates to women they love just fills me with a kind of joy that I don't get from anything but femslash.

I love men, and occasionally one will touch me in a story, but rarely the way fics about women do. Two women, talking to each other, about each other or avoiding each other is the crack of fic for me. There's an indulgence to sinking into a fic that's deep and emotional that's like a warm bath. This kind of it, like lavender bubble bath, is my absolute favourite. (yes, other kinds are out there and they exist but femslash is the height of it for me).

There's the physical side to, how when they touch its everything that I like and am attracted to and it's all right there. (perhaps this is how some women feel about slash?). Femslash where they talk and then have sex and then cuddle, or just lie in bed next to each other, listening to each other breathe. Togetherness, in a world where they exist as a partnership. That's what I want. They can fight and struggle but I like to know they will be together at the end of it.

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swimming the emperor's lake

In Beijing. It is HOT. High 30s (90s F), not a cloud in the sky. Around midday its brutal but the evenings and mornings are great. Warm, comfortable and my hostel's all shady. (there's also a dog! a very cute golden).

It's a converted Ming courtyard so it's beautiful, right in the hutong (alley where tons of old stone houses are). Lots of little hole in the wall shops. People out in the street, living life. (Yelling, doing laundry, playing cards, wandering around partially dressed. (It's hot).

I'm sick of capitalism, shopping, people trying to get my money, so I looked up things to do in Beijing that are free and found a lake that's popular with locals, who swim in it. It's hot. I haven't been swimming in ages so, I went for it.

Turns out I've totally been there about six years ago on my undergrad China trip, but I was in a group and we didn't swim.

Today I swam. The lake has this beautiful ming pagoda on an island in the centre and you can swim over and watch the boats. People were even playing cards on the island (in their swimsuits.) Everyone was so amused that I (a foreigner) was going swimming. Also I think because I'm a woman and it was all men other than me most of the time.

It was green and warm as bathwater and maybe I'll get the plague (probably not.). But it was kind of awesome in that little kid freedom sort of way. I'm going tomorrow for the hot part of the day. It was all locals and no tourists so it was pretty darn nice. The touristy places are so full of people (and everyone wants my money).

Kunming was much easier to 'live' in.

But I found the emperor's lake. It's right by the forbidden city and it's warm and free. So I'll just alternate between that and hiding in the hostel to write fic when the weather's nice.

Speaking of fic. I'm killing this Once Upon a Time fic. I have NEVER written this fast for so long on anything. I'm going to have a 100k month and it's not even NaNoWriMo.

(it's world building femslash preg!fic, which seems to be my happy place. I'd mention regrets but Regina's just so pretty).

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